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The range


Our vintage range summarizes Freixenet’s knowledge and expertise in creating premium sparklers using local grapes and the Traditional Method.


Freixenet's character

A range of vintages that will satisfy the most exigent palettes and that perfectly communicates the unique Freixenet character.

Where to buy

Find out where to buy Freixenet wines out there.


The Journey

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Cordon is undoubtedly Freixenet’s core and leading range having the most iconic and recognisable products for the brand.

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We’d like to introduce you to Freixenet ICE, the new refreshing way to drink Freixenet and cava.

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A joyful love declaration to the Spanish grape varieties, Mia bottles up the spirit of the sunny Barcelona.

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Elyssia represents both the traditional winemaking craftsmanship of Freixenet, and our commitment to innovation and beauty through the sensual, modern bottle shape.

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