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Reasons to love spring

April heralds the arrival of Spring, the promise of sunshine, and the final goodbye to the Winter Coat and the addition of some color to our wardrobes. We’ve compiled some of the reasons to love the new season.

1. Let's make the most of street markets and food festivals

We all love street markets at Freixene,t but winter cold  always makes more difficult to enjoy them as they should. Now is your chance of making the most of them.

2. Bye bye gloves

Maybe we got excited here with our ahorts illustration, but the spring season means a definiteve goodbye to heavy scarfs and gloves, as well to Winter coats. It also marks a cheerful welcome to sun glasses and color.

This is a kind of super liberating experience that needs to be celebrated!

3. Bring back the pleasures of drinking and eating outside

Rooftops, graden, terraces, patios...A big HELLO!!

Tip: Check our Dinner Party Planner app for some foodie inspo

4. Winter has come..

.But only in the form of Game of Thrones. The awaited new serie starts by the end of April. Another reason to love spring.

5. The big escape

Spring = spring breaks that are more than welcome. What about visiting our homeland Spain for a bit of sunshine?

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