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How to make the most of the bank holiday

You'll probably have tons of plans for the long weekend ahead and we encourage you to do them, make the best out of it! Here at Freixenet we want you to always be on the latest trends, so before you leave your place and go out you can have a look at this top 5 tips we give you for the weekend.

1. Always in style

Spring is supposed to mean more time outdoors and lighter colours. Combined, they mean sneakers, tennis, shoes, plimsolls... Call them what you will, but you should own a pair.

For her: Adidas Stan Smith.

For him: Tommy Hilfiger 

2. Bring the outdoors indoors

Spring is great, but not always as warm in this country. Threfore, feel the great outdoors by following the terrarium trend, the ideal way of bringing the outside in. They bring a pop of green to any indoor space and are super easy to make. 

For inspo, follow @houseplantjournal, full of pictures of plants and tips to look after them.

3. Add some colour to your food.

We suggest these strawberry milkshaekes. Healthy, beautifully colourful, and delicious! Find the recipe in our party planner app.

4. Music is your best friend

What are some albums that have a spring vibe/feeling? Some of our favorites:

Jack Garratt - Phase

M83 - Junk

Tim Heacker - Love Streams

PJ Harvey - The Hope Six Demolition Project

5. Add some celebratory fizz

Is there anything else you’d rather do than enjoy a glass of great rosé on a rooftop/backyard/patio/fire escape/beach/dock/[insert other appropriately sunny outdoor locale] on a Friday afternoon?

We can't help suggesting our Cordon Rosado. Expect a pop of summer fruits in every sip, and indulge in the bubbles of juicy blackberries and mouth-watering strawberries.

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