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Weekend Easter with Freixenet!

Easter is around the corner and we are so ready for it!

 Easter in the UK is pretty special. It’s less hectic by far than Christmas, but still packed full of incredible food and enjoyment.

There’s something for everyone, in fact – for those with a sweet tooth there are the classic hot cross buns and enormous celebration cakes, and for those who prefer the flavours of the big meal, there are big, beautiful lamb roasts or centrepiece-worthy seasonal veg.

What you really get with Easter that you don’t with Christmas, however, is the opportunity to be calm and uncomplicated, and to eat lighter, more colourful meals that are in keeping with the blossoming spring. 

At Freixenet we want to add to the occaison with our varied range of sparklers, perfect for different occasions, from washing down your hot cross buns to accompanying your Good Sunday feast or your egg hunt; we just want to help you celebrate!

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