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Secret Garden Party with Freixenet

For the last weekend in July, Huntington turns into an emporium of imagination and magic in the form of Secret Garden Party. This year Freixenet was there serving up some delicious free bellinis to the super glamorous and totally nutty boutique campers.

Our dear friends at Funkin’ provided us with some delicious peach purrée to make sure our bellinis were as sensational as the atmosphere.

The corks popped and the bubbles flowed for the flowery-festival goers.

The Freixenet festival faction served up a tongue tingling 700 cocktails in 2 ½ hours. That’s one every 12 seconds.

There were some unusual costumes to be seen.

And some glamorous ones too

And everyone appreciated the #LittleThings in life with an ice cold 'cheers'.

Check out our video below:

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