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Gift Guide #5: Sophisticated

Slightly sweet with a touch of elegance, our golden Cordon Oro perfectly embodies the sophistication of a party and the spirit of celebration. This is our special Gift Guide #5 for all those out there who love a bit ofeveryday luxury and believe every occasion - especially Christmas -  is the perfect excuse to get dressed up to the nines!


1. J'Adore Perfume, Selfridges.
2. Candle, Dyptique.
3. Outfit, Asos.
4.  Vogue Living book, Abe Books.
5. Necklace, New Look.
6. Cordon Oro, Freixenet.
7. Pyjamas, Budd.
8. Heels, Zara.
9. Bracelet, Mulberry.


1. Cordon Oro, Freixenet.
2. Watch, Cobra & Wellamy.
3. Suit, Moss.
4. Perfume, Valentino.
5. Bespoke Savile Row Book, Amazon.
6. Smart Home Theater, Samsung.
7. Shoes, Hugo Boss.
8. Soap & body lotion, Zara Home.

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