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How to: Christmas Cava

The festive season is the perfect time to serve a different glass of cava with every different meal. Whether it’s Christmas day, New Years Eve or everyday in between, we can offer a cava for the event.

Morning Brunch fizz

Cava is perfect for a Christmas morning breakfast (or brunch if you fancy a bit of a lie in) and makes a great alternative to champagne. Cava and champagne are both made through a similar process. The ‘traditional’ method of making wine involve the first fermentation in barrels and the second in bottles (from between 9 months and 5 years) You can learn more about the process in our infographic..

Enjoy our Cordon Negro with bagels, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Sprinkle with chopped chives and a lot of cracked black pepper. Throw some avocado on there too because you’re probably not going to each many greens today. You could also have a go at making Sujuk Menemen.

Add some OJ to your glass for a Bucks Fizz style drink.

The Main Event

We all celebrate the festive season in our own way. Different days, different foods, different people. Some have Turkey on the table before 12pm, others settle down with beef at 3pm, some forgo meat completely and have a feast on vegetables!

Whatever your plans are for the big day (whether that’s Christmas Eve, NYE or the big day itself) our Cordon Negro goes great with everything. It’s the perfect accompaniment to every kind of meal.


Chances are, you’re full to the brim with food. But there is so much cheese left to eat and so much cava left to drink. So make yourself a cheese board whilst you watch Elf again. A bit of Brie, a piece of Gouda and sprinkling of cheddar. A few crackers and a handful of grapes on the side.

Cordon Rosado goes great with any kind of cheese. Blue cheeses in particular go great with sweet wines so try pairing stilton with our ICE cava. Make sure you serve it over ice, ICE is best served ice cold (how many times can you say the word ‘ice’ in a sentence?). You can get ICE for just £9 Tesco between 12th Dec - 1st Jan. So there’s really no excuse…

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