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Getting festive with Elle Next Door

If you are hosting a Christmas dinner at your place or you are just looking for some fast nibbles to bring to a party, we've you sorted for the season.

Ellie from lifestyle blog The Elle Next Door gets ready for all Christmas festivities and shares her favourites with us!

The Table dressing

"I opted for a Silver and White theme which I absolutely loved and think it turned out quite minimalistic, simple and clean. I then focused on some of the finer details; I love the idea of name place cards and added some champagne doilies and tea lights".

The Canapes

" Here is my very basic - but ridiculously tasty and festive looking - gluten-free canape recipe".


• Beefsteak tomatoes
• Mozzarella
• Basil
• Red sundried tomato pesto
• Salt and Pepper
• Extra Virgin olive oil


• Slice the tomatoes into 1cm slithers

• Slice the mozzarella and lay on top of tomatoes
• Add the basil and season with Salt and Pepper
• Top with Sundried tomato pesto
• Finish with a drizzle of Olive oil
• Roast in an oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes

The Drinks

"We all know that things get little more boozy around the festive period and of course, choosing the perfect beverage that everyone will love is extremely important. I would suggest Freixenet Cordon Rosado (a beautifully fresh and fruity bubbly rose) and Freixenet Cordon negro (a crisp and clean cava), both of which are stunning on their own, but also work fab in cocktails. Here's a little recipe for a cracking cocktail that I love!"


• Freixenet Cordon Negro
• Soda water
• Peach Liqueur
• Cinnamon
• Brown Sugar


• Pour the Cava into a cocktail shaker
• Add the soda water
• Slowly pour in the Peach Liqueur
• Add in the brown sugar for a touch of sweetness
• Finally, add a sprinkling of Cinnamon for that extra Christmassy touch


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