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What do Spanish eat for Christmas

Christmas is quite a big deal in our sunny homeland. As a huge occasion, food has an extra-important role in theSpanish Christmas. We go through some of Freixenet's sweet favourites of the season.

1. Churros 

With thick hot chocolate, this is the perfect indulgent breakfast for the festive season.

2. Polvorones

Made with almond and lard, this type of light, crumbly shortbread originated when Spain was under the Islamic influence is present in everyt household for Christmas. Yum!

3. Turrón

There are different varieties all around the country, but this almond and honey based delicacy is the perfect bite to go with a "cafe con leche"(latte) or sweeter sparklers. 

4. Roscón de Reyes

In Spain Christmas is longer as  they celebrate "The Wise Men"  on the night of the 5th of January, opening the gifts on the morning of the 6th. For that morning, they traditionally have the roscón- paired with some hot chocolate- for breakfast.

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