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Wine & Food #2: Cordon Negro Cava

When having a glass of wine with your dinner, you want to make sure it’s the best pairing possible to get to achieve an optimal flavour combination. A bad food and wine pairing can risk leaving a bitter taste in your mouth.

That’s why we’ve decided to create a cheat sheet of food and wine pairings you really can’t go wrong with. We will be working our way through our ranges, up next …

Cordon Negro Cava


The Takeaway: Fish and chips

You can’t get a better pairing than fish and chips with a cold, crisp glass of cava.

The acidity and citrus notes of our cava will cut through the fried batter in the fish, creating a magical food and wine pairing. Ditch the slice of lemon and just have our cava instead – with all the zippiness in the wine, you’ll get the same lemony flavour but with added bubbles!

The homemade dish: French toast or Pancakes

Who doesn’t love brunch? Cava really does compliment a creamy dish too, and so plate of fluffy pancakes or french toast topped off with butter is the perfect combination.

Try to avoid having berries and instead stick with a creamier topping, such as butter, a savoury sauce or nuts!

The light dinner: Tapas

Of course, we couldn’t forget the ultimate cava pairing – tapas! You may have heard the saying ‘what grows together, goes together’ and this is a great reminder when pairing your food and wine.

Cava is a Spanish wine, and so naturally Spanish tapas is an easy and delightful choice. Keep it classic with Spanish tortilla, patatas bravas, grilled fish, and maybe even some padron peppers.

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