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4 pintxos (Basque tapas) that you need to try

One of the greatest little pleasures of summer is seizing the opportunity to spend time outdoors where everything seems better - General merriment, drinking and...Eating. This is the perfect environment to have the well-known "pintxos", a bite-size version of tapas from the Basque Country, a region in the North-East of Spain. 

Well, here we bring you 4 easy-to-make "pintxo" recipes to surprise your friends...

Prawns skewers

The main ingredient in this pintxo are the grilled prawns, so make sure the prawn quality is good! They go with a tasty sauce made with onion, green peppers, carrot and white wine. Pair with some chilled Cordon Rosado.

"Pintxo" de Tortilla

This is just the smaller version of the classic Spanish tortilla. Made with potatoes, onion, olive oil and eggs; just cut the tortilla in small portions and pair it with some bread and some small green peppers. Yum! Combine with a glass of Freixenet Cordon Negro.


This is one of the most traditional pintxos from the Basque Country and is made with olives, chilli peppers and anchovies in oil. Just use a stick to combine the ingredients! Goes perfectly with some Cordon Negro.

Goat cheese and ham pintxo

Super easy! Just mix a slice of bread with some berries jam, goat cheese, some drops of olive oil and top with good jamón. The cheese and the jam sweetness are perfect for some moscato like Mia Moscato.

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