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5 Best places to be in London during a heatwave

It's here and it's driving all us mad: follow our guide to escape the heatwave and make the most of it!

1. Go for a swim at Kings Cross Pond Club

You can actually swim in this 40 metre natural pool that is the UK's first ever man-made fresh water pond.


2. Go for a dip in the lakes at Hampstead Heath

There are few places in London that make you feel like you're actually in a Jane Austen novel.

3. Enjoy a movie at one of the many outdoors cinemas London offers

From the Rooftop Cinema to the Floating Cinema, you'd be silly not to relax in the deckchairs and enjoy your summer evening!


4. Enjoy a night at Summer Tales

A tropical jungle atmosphere, amazing music, street food from Burger and Lobster or Pizza Pilgrims and chilled bubbly and cocktails by Freixenet. Sounds like heaven, isn't it?

5. Spend an evening at the park 

Take a picnic blanket and enjoy the night in one of London's finest parks. don't forget your Freixenet bottle!!


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