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How to pair wine with summer food

During the summer months, there can be no greater joy than sitting in a park enjoying a classic British barbecue with a glass of wine in hand. You could(almost) be on a beach in Spain.

Summer’s seasonal ingredients are easy to enjoy: simply cooked, seasoned and, naturally, partnered with a delicious glass of wine. With pleasures such as English asparagus, sparklingly fresh seafood and crisp, flavour-filled salads cropping up on the menu, wines need to be fresh and versatile.

So whether you’re planning on entertaining this summer, or want to impress your host at your next summer party, here’s everything you need to know.


White wine is the most quintessentially summery of the wines. Either in a dry, zesty style or in a fruitier one, it goes with just about any (non red meat-based) dish you’ll be serving on a hot day; which means you can indulge during the day alongside your picnic.

Pair your lighter withes with salads and greens, aromatic whites with shellfish and cheeses; while full whites will pair better with chicken and fish.


Rosé has become the ultimate summer drink. The berry, fruty and juicy notes pair easily with almost every summer menu. Enjoy it cold, as an apreitif with some nibbles or with starters as salads and greens. These wines are also rgeat with fish, and rice and pasta based mains.

Sparkling wine

Forget the idea that fizz is only for an aperitif. Pair your sparklers with seafood,chicken or fruit salads or even your barbacue meats!

If you are looking for  a glass of something sweeter,  moscato is the answer for an indulgent treat. For something fresh, uncomplicated and easy-going, try some cava over ice. 



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