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3 tips to elevate your drinks

We bring you some simple ways of making your cocktail look fancier. Get ready for the cocktail season!

1.. Fancify Your Cubes

Okay, ice cubes need to be functional. No one likes a diluted, watered-down cocktail.However, you can alwyas make them more interesting.

An option is to take plain-old ice cube trays, and filled them with 100% freshly-squeezed juice, and leaves like cilantro or mint. As the cubes melt, flavour is gradually imparted, enhancing the beverage.

Again, you can utilize any juice, or freezable liquid that jams well with your flavor profile. You can always use plain water but incorporate fruits and other elements for a visual impact!

2. Garnish Game

The purpose of the garnish is multi-fold. In some cases, they let everyone know what's in the drink. Sometimes they provide a snack. Our favorite garnishes actually enhance what's already happening in the cocktail with a touch of fun!

A simple idea can be using a cookie cutter to make beautiful shapes of soft fruits and veggies such as cucumber, melon or kiwi. You can also bake some lemon or orange slices with suggar  to give them a golden look.

3. The magic of glassware

When talking about cocktails, everything is as much about the experience as it's about the flavour. Different types of glasses will allow you different garnishes as well as different visual styles.

An original type of glass, colour, shape or engraving can add some extra excitement to the beverage, so don't underestimate the power of  the container of your drink!

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