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Summer destinations on our hit list this year

We can’t stop our minds from wandering to beautiful sandy beaches and tropical waters, which means only one thing - it’s time to book a vacay! If you’re gearing up to book a last minute getaway, here are 8 Mediterranean places that ought to be on your list…

 1.Sardinia, Italy

When we think of Sardinia, we think of fresh fish and fantastic wine. Not only is Sardinia known for it’s wonderful cuisine, but it just so happens to have an incredible coast and some of the most beautiful beaches we’ve ever found on Google.

2.Hvar, Croatia

One of our favourite things about this little island just off of mainland Croatia is that you really can experience the best of both when it comes to culture and party! It’s beautiful historic buildings are a great way to spend a morning, but in the afternoon you’ll definitely want to head to the beach and start working your way along the fun-filled waterside bars!

3.Majorca, Spain

Britons have been travelling to Majorca for decades, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular destination for expats. A plethora of awesome restaurants, friendly locals everywhere you turn, excellent water sport activities and guaranteed perfect weather (not to mention it’s not too far to travel), why wouldn’t you pay Majorca a visit this year?

4.Paphos, Cyrus

If it’s heat you’re after, Paphos is the place. Averaging 33 degrees consistently through the summer, you’re going to want to make sure you’re stationed close to one of its stunning beaches. We recommend hiring a villa with a pool and inviting lots and lots of friends.

5.Albufeira, Portugal

Perfect for both families and those in search of a party, Albufeira is one of many of the Algarve resorts. A beautiful fishing village that boasts tons of delicious restaurants and super fun bars, you could travel hear with a partner, your mum or your mates.

6.Santorini, Greece

You might have heard that Santorini is a particularly expensive part of the world, and you’d be right, but it’s well worth cracking open the piggybank for. Every inch of this Greek island stuns, with its incredible buildings, white sand beaches and restaurants serving food to die for, you won’t want to leave. So, don’t?

7.Corsica, France

Corsica is quiet and breathtaking. Here is where you go if you’re looking for complete relaxation this summer. Take a few novels, stock up on wine and get yourself one of those cool pool floats shaped like a pizza, and chill.

8.Ibiza, Spain

We couldn’t not put Ibiza on the list, could we? We will point out though, that whilst Ibiza is an incredible place for 24 hour parties and some of the most insane beachwear you’ve ever seen, there’s a quieter side to Ibiza that’s suitable to visit with your mum too.

Let us know where you’re planning to holiday this year - have we missed an vital destination off our list?

Images by: @lance_lanzelot, @alexandra.opiteanu, @natalieclaudiemont, @vale889g, @donnasharpe27, @bertiewoo69, @daniyellie241281, @j_strilchuk.

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