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Father’s Day gift guide with a little bit of DIY

In need of a last-minute Father’s Day gift? A quick dash to the shop and a handful of creativity will win you some serious brownie points.

Cordon Negro Brut Cava with a personalised photo frame


For the dad who keeps every single school report, fills his phone with photos of your every move and can’t resist a glass of bubbly, this gift is perfect.

We’re sure this heart-warming frame full of pictures for him to flick through will have pride of place on his desk.

This DIY can be done with bits found around the house or in a hardware shop. We suggest that if you can’t find any wood, simply use a hallowed picture frame.

Pair this with a bottle of cava and sip away as you flick through the pictures together.

Building memories with a bottle of our Prosecco

We love the idea of building memories, especially when it includes some actual building.

This gift idea is simple and can be done in so many ways. Here's how you can do it with Lego.

However, if you don’t have any Lego, this could easily be done by writing the activities down on paper and popping them in a jar.

Crack open a bottle of prosecco and start planning all the fun adventures you are about to have together.

Our new Italian Still wine range and BBQ


Summer is officially here, and so this is the perfect gift for any dad that’s BBQ obsessed.

This requires slightly more DIY skills than the others, but still quite simple and has lots of room for adaptation. This tutorial will show you how to create a BBQ utensil holder to elevate any BBQ experience.

We suggested purchasing our new Italian Still Wine range, as they make for perfect BBQ companions.

Write little notes for each wine, such as:

Chianti: I’m a full-bodied red that pairs well with meat

Pinot Grigio: Forget the lemon, you just need me! Pair me with seafood and watch my citrus notes shine.

Rosè: Drink me whilst cooking! You can also pair me with spicy Asian style wings or a salad with a creamy dressing.

All wines can be purchased online At

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