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Ways to Enjoy Freixenet Alcohol Free Wine

Sometimes you may just fancy the taste of bubbles without the alcohol. Whether you have ditched the booze, can’t drink alcohol or even setting yourself a challenge, itdoesn’t mean your drink has to be boring

Explore the range of alcohol free wines available to help you welcome in summer, preparing for those warmer and lighter evenings. Make the most of the refreshing taste our alcohol free wines have to offer, as you dust off the BBQ ready for a summer of celebration with friends and family. 

But how are you going to make the most of your alcohol free wine? Below are somesuggestions how best to enjoy your bottle as well as the low down on our two popular wines.

Celebrate the moment without compromise!

There are two bottles in our range that we want to share with you. They both offer the alcohol alternative without compromising on the taste.

Freixenet 0.0% Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine
Our alcohol free sparkling white wine is a fruity and refreshing alternative. Through meticulous research and trials, we have been able to maintain the natural aromas and characteristics of the grapes, meaning you are still enjoying the same great Freixenet taste.

A perfect addition to a summer dinner party and al fresco dining, place a bottle of this sparkling white wine on the table for a refreshing taste. It is perfectly paired with a summer salad or bring a bottle out to go with dessert.

Freixenet 0.0% Alcohol Free Rosé
Our alcohol free Rosé is an attractive pink colour with persistent bubbles. On the nose there are mainly wild berries along with floral notes and tropical fruits. On the palate you will find it is especially fruity and fresh. The well-balanced acidity and medium sized bubbles produce a very refreshing finish.

Why not pack a bottle to take on a picnic, to make it feel that bit more special? Or bring home a bottle and cook up a fakeaway meal to bring some excitement to your mid-week meal plan!

Hosting a baby shower? Grab a bottle of the 0.0% alcohol free wine to make the. occasion extra special. ​
Another great taste for summer to go with your family gatherings or catch up with friends. Keep refrigerated to enjoy the bubbles at their best.

Have you tried our alcohol free alternatives yet? Add a bottle to your shopping basket along with ingredients to make your favourite dessert and we think you will be pleasantly surprised to find these bottles of sparkling wine are just bursting with flavour and excitement providing that perfect alcohol free alternative.

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