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Introducing Freixenet ICE

Ice Ice Baby.This summer we launch our new Freixenet ICE Cava under our #CavaIceMint campaign.


Cava from a new perspective

Cava has been around for centuries. Made in the same method as Champagne, families in Spain have been producing it mainly in the Penedès region from one generation to the next.

Freixenet ICE introduces an exciting innovation in the category, being the first cava developed to be enjoyed over ice. With our campaign we aim to celebrate its serve, and occasion, as the new drink of choice for independent minds. Join us in our journey.

Playing on Cubsim

To bring to life the independent spirit of the drink, the #FreixenetICE launch campaign explores Cubsism; one of the most influential visual art styles of the early twentieth century. Having Spanish Pablo Picasso as one of the pioneers of the style, the artistic movement is aligned with our Mediterranean roots.

Cubism abandons a single viewpoint, reassembling the subject in an abstract form unlocking energy and movement in the process.Our #CavaIceMint campaign adopts and interprets this technique in a fresh, contemporary way to present a new dimension in cava.

A new ritual

Freixenet ICE is made to be enjoyed over ice. Our wine makers have blended the classical cava grapes with Chardonnay for a richer consistency and slightly sweeter style, perfect to be enjoyed in a big wine glass, over great chunks of ice.

Just add a sprig of mint and you'll have the refreshing drink that our campaign capturates: #CavaIceMint.A new ritual, the perfect serve.

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