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Get Fizzical this Bank Holiday (or stay indoors, either is fine)

Celebrate the long weekend in style!

Can you hear that? The twinkling, fizzing sound of bubbles popping; the glorious music blaring under the influence of summer…ahhh, Bank Holiday.

With so much pressure to spend the long weekend in the best possible way so you can boast to your work colleagues about everything you managed to squeeze in, we’re here to show you how to just celebrate and truly enjoy the break with these five sparkling ideas!

1. Ice, Ice, Baby!
Entertaining this weekend? Why not impress your guests with a simply delicious and easy-to-follow cocktail recipe! It’s no secret that we love a cocktail, and we believe that sometimes, the best activities are spent indoors! We’ve crafted a NEW and totally tongue-tantalising recipe with our ICE Cava that is certainly one to try out for Bank Holiday Weekend. Follow our recipe here:

2. Seeking some thrill?
And sometimes…it’s nice to go out. Gather up some friends, form a team, and head to London to take on the challenges of The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience. As the official wine partner, you can expect some bubbles, still wines and surprises!

3. Me, Me, Me!
That’s right, being selfish for once just got better. With the launch of our fabulous NEW Italian Rosé, we can’t blame you for wanting to keep it all to yourself. And we are not averse to a weekend of pampering yourself and indulging, so if you decide to celebrate in style and take to a steamy, oil-infused bath with a glass of our effervescent Italian Rosé, we certainly won’t be judging. Buy now to kick-start your pamper-weekend:

4. Host a Spontaneous Soirée!
But please, forget the folded napkins and unnecessary stressing. The saying goes that the host never enjoys their own party as much as their guests; we’re here to teach the opposite. And hey, we know what you’re thinking: the house just isn’t in order; I’m too busy; what if nobody has fun? Fear not! Because we’ve got the tools to help you host, whatever your style. Whether it’s a spontaneous soiree or a perfectly-planned three-course dinner, we’ve got the menu covered so you can just relax and have some FUN!

5. Fizz & Swing! Crazy Golf Just Got Better!
Here’s something to putt a smile on your face this weekend: you can find some of our fabulous cocktails at Swingers London! So, you can round up some friends for a riveting golfing session whilst making it a fizz-tastic night out! Click here to book your tickets:

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