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Wine & Food #3: Cordon Rosado

When having a glass of wine with your dinner, you want to make sure it’s the best pairing possible to get to achieve an optimal flavour combination. A bad food and wine pairing can risk leaving a bitter taste in your mouth.

That’s why we’ve decided to create a cheat sheet of food and wine pairings you really can’t go wrong with. We will be working our way through our ranges, up next …

Cordon Rosado



The Takeaway: Fried food

First up on the list we have fried food! There’s such a great range of fried goodness you can have delivered to you, but our personal favourite combination would be a cold glass of Rosado and slightly spicy fried chicken (or cauliflower chicken if you’re vegetarian).

We wouldn’t usually recommend a sparkling wine with spicy food, but this Rosado has a hint of sweetness that would match well with Asian spices – Korean fried chicken would be perfect.

The homemade dish: Risotto

A simple creamy risotto is great week-night dinner to pair with your Rosado. You can customise the risotto however you see fit, whether that’s with peas, mushrooms or chicken.

Don’t forget to squeeze a slice of lemon on top!


The light dinner: Cheese platter

Put together a simple platter with cheese, creamy dips, olives, fresh bread and maybe even a few sundried tomatoes!

Don’t forget the manchego and try to throw in a few creamy cheeses such as mozzeralla and brie.

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