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How to pack the perfect picnic

At long last we find ourselves entering the picnic season. The evenings are staying lighter longer, the weather is somewhat improving and you may be thinking about dusting off the picnic bag and making the most of the British summer.

In this blog post we share how to pack the perfect picnic. With ideas to liven up those summer walks or
lunchtimes in a favourite spot along the river, at the beach or even exploring a National Trust property.

Whether you are planning a laid-back lunch or an alfresco feast, we have you covered with some practical tips, ideas and the best wine to take along and enjoy in the sun...


What to pack for a delicious picnic:

Getting a picnic just right needn’t be hard, but there may be a few things you need to think about to make sure you don’t end up with soggy sandwiches or a warm bottle of wine.

First up, choose your equipment carefully. You will need a decent cool box or bag to make sure there are no leaks. On a hot day, a cool box will be essential to keep food as cool as possible. Before you set off on your picnic, make sure all Tupperware is tight shut and wrap any pungent items in a plastic bag.

Place any ice packs on the top of your cool bag once all your food is packed. This will help keep everything cooler and fresher for longer.

A few food ideas you might enjoy:
Your traditional picnic items include sandwiches, sausage rolls, pork pies and a sharing bag of crisps. These are all finger food that will travel well. Why not try to be a bit more adventurous and make your own bacon-wrapped or spicy coronation drumsticks?

Make a batch of homemade mini pork pies filled with piccalilli or try making your own pastry cheese twists. Don’t forget to add a pot of your favourite dip and some fresh fruit and you are good to go!

Add a bottle of Freixenet.
To give your picnic the extra WOW factor, add your favourite bottle of Freixenet wine and don’t forget the wine glasses! If someone in the party isn't drinking alcohol, don’t forget to bring along a bottle of our 0.0% alcohol sparkling wine so they aren’t left out. ​

We recommend checking out our Spanish still wine range as the Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé would go brilliantly with a picnic in the sun. You will want to pair your lighter whites with salads and greens and the fuller whites will pair better with chicken and fish. 

While Rosé can be enjoyed with nibbles and pasta, both these wines are a great option for the summer menu.

Have you tried our ICE range?
This might be an idea for a garden picnic a bit closer to home as these bottles are best served over ice. However, they are the prefect drink to have on a hot summers day. Go for either the traditional Freixenet ICE or Freixenet Ice Rosé to bring a new dimension to Cava.

You hopefully now have some inspiration on how to pack the perfect picnic as you head out this summer. There is nothing better than enjoying a refreshing glass of wine in the sunshine, so don’t forget to add your ice packs, wine glasses and if the bottle requires it, a bottle opener!

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