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Gift Guide #1: Trendy

Some gifting ideas for those ‘Trendy’ ones amongst us! For those who always know what’s cool and have a natural talent to discover the hotspots in the city, a desire to appear impeccably dressed on every occasion and an irremediable weakness for design and beauty. ..

Browse our gift guide for trendy women and men, featuring our Mia Fresh & Crisp, a zesty innovative - and trendy - sparkler.

For Her:

1. The Gentlewoman magazine subscription.
2. Flowerhead perfume, Bryedo.
3. Reptile purse, & Other stories.
4. Mia Fresh &Crisp sparkler.
5. Zara outfit.
6. Sandals, Asos.
7. Neon letter,Urban Outfitters.
8. Rings, Mango.

For him:

1.  Sunglasses, Archibald Optics.
2.  Facial moisturizer, Khiels.
3. Green Speakers, ConranShop.
 5. Drink London guide, The Humbledon.
6. Amazing green perfum, Comme Des Gaçsons.
7. Mia Fresh &Crisp sparkler.
8. Asos, Outfit.

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