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Your Bonfire Picnic Menu

Snuggled up in a warm woolly blanket, all you need is something tasty to nibble on and to share with your friends whilst watching the fireworks.There is nothing better than indulging on some comfort food as the days are getting darker and colder. Get some foodie inspiration and check out these two easy-to-make bonfire picnic snacks we have scouted from around the web for you.

Bonfire Melt

A carb booster, this delicious sandwich will kick your night off whether you’ll be sat on the muddy grass or next to the fireplace. Bonfire in style with BBQ sauce, bacon and butter!

'Cate in the Kitchen' shares her secret recipe here

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Bonfire Flapjacks

Reward the sweet tooth in you!
Munch on this crunchy sugar-butter-oats rollercoaster and add some seasonal spices to make it special. Enjoy with tea or dip them in a hot mug of chocolate for extra bonfire love!

Check out Russell’s take on flapjacks from Londoneats.

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