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#befreixenetstories: Lara & Eduardo from Hola Foodie

We present you Lara and Eduardo, a Spanish couple who have been living and working in London for the last few years. Eduardo works in advertising and also as an occasional chef in one of the best Spanish restaurants in town. Lara is a journalist working as a content specialist. They share their #befreixenetstory.

Earlier this year they created, a website about Spain seen through the eyes of its sensational gastronomy. At Lara and Eduardo take you on an imaginary trip to our country, where they visit some stunning hidden corners, learn about the best food ingredients and meet the people producing and cooking all that outstanding food. Young and passionate, we thought they embodied the spirit of our #befreixenet campaign and we wanted them to share their story. 

How did you start with the blog?

There are few things in life that we love more than cooking and eating. Perhaps one of them is Spain. Even though being Spaniards this might sound obvious, we are massive fans of our country. We love everything about it… its wonderful people, its incomparable lifestyle, its stunning geography and of course, its superlative food.

Creating a blog about travelling Spain through its taste –that is how we define it on the website– was a natural consequence of all of the above. Somehow we felt the necessity to tell people about our wonderful gastronomy and its products, well beyond the very few topics that most people already know. 

What is the thing you like the most about having the blog?

Food is one of the best topics of conversation amongst people from different cultures. Wherever people come from, everybody has a favourite meal, a worthwhile food-based experience or a happy memory from their family cooking. To own a food blog is to open yourself many doors for conversation with people from all around the globe. And that is terrific.

How do you see the Spanish food scene in London?

The Spanish food scene is currently blooming in London. With so many great products and restaurants penetrating the British market, it is an absolutely fascinating time for the Spanish gastronomy. And we feel it is up to all of us to turn this interest from being a simple trend into something much more permanent.

Where do you find inspiration?

Spain is the epicentre of our project and therefore we cannot think of a better place to find inspiration. Despite living in London, we take any opportunity to escape to Spain and travel around the country, whether this is to a city we had not visited yet or a new restaurant recommendation from one of our many friends there.

Other than that, food and travelling are not our only interests. We also love art, design, technology, nature, sport… and from all of them, we get more than enough inspiration to create something that we hope it is interesting.

What are your future projects?

Not so long ago, we organized our first Spanish cooking course where we showed our students how to prepare some of the most popular Spanish tapas. The experience was so enriching that we are already working on some new courses. The idea is to keep doing more and more activities with people sharing our same interest for Spanish food. Creating and developing a real community is something that we would love doing. 

What would be your favorite Spanish recipe from all times?

Lara’s favourite is the Spanish omelette. Of course, not any Spanish omelette but her mum’s omelette! Eduardo loves ‘migas’, a super humble shepherd's’ recipe made with dry breadcrumbs. It does not sound very exciting but when done well, it can actually be exquisite!

What do you miss most in London from Spain?

The sun of course! And those super lively, super authentic Spanish tapas bars which are so difficult if not impossible to be reproduced in London. That atmosphere, the people, the hurly-burly of those bars… this is something that cannot be found in London yet.

What is the best about living in the UK?

For us, it has to be the broad diversity that London offers. To live in London opens the doors to meeting new people from all over the world, almost on a daily basis. 

We also find fascinating how embedded the gastronomy is into that cultural scene, which means that you do not only have the chance to eat pretty much any international food you want, but you can also learn about the culture from that place. And this is important, because contrary to the very unfair topical belief, it makes London one of the best places in the world to eat.

Describe your ideal work off day.

No morning alarm, slow awakening and breakfast at Broadway Market. Every week in a different place. A stroll around the stalls, specially if it is early and the market is dominated by local visitors doing their weekly shopping. A quick visit to our fishmonger and our veggie shop. Then coffee and back home to start cooking lunch. Slow lunch, perhaps a little siesta and then meeting friends for a good chat and some few glasses of wine all the way into dinner.

Our campaign #befreixenet is about being authentic and enjoy life, How can this be translated to you? How do you like to “be Eduardo” and to “be Lara”?

For us being authentic is keeping it simple. We just try to do what we love most as much as we possibly can. That is our understanding of life and that is why we enjoy it so much. HolaFoodie is just one of the projections of this shared sentiment.

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