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The best Instagram Food Pairings

We've paired some of the most delicious Instagram recipes ever with our fizz varieties.

Hot Dog + Cordon Negro

Have you ever tried these two together before? Well, it's time. The citrusy notes of Cordon Negro clean the oiliness of the sausage, sauces and bacon. 

What for?

Friday dinner, movie night, game night.

Cronut + Cordon Rosado

Cronut trend is still with us, and our Instagramm feed is glad of it! Nothing pairs the sweetness of the cronut better than a pink fizz like the fruity Cordon Rosado

What for?

Afternoon tea, Sunday dessert, anytime treat.

Carrot Cake + Freixenet ICE

The classic carrot cake pairs perfectly with a slightly sweet fizz like ICE. Enjoyed over ice cubes, it is the perfect treat to have with a slice of warm carrot cake.

What for?

Lunch dessert, Afternoon tea with a twist, Special dinner treat.

Avo Toast + Cordon Negro

Avocado is a trendy ingridient those days. Versatile and healthy, we love the colorful simplicty of the avocado toast. Perfect to pair with our crisp and dry Cordon Negro over brunch.

What for?

Breakfast, brunch.


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