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Happy World TV Day!

It’s National TV day, the greatest of all days. We wish to celebrate this momentous occasion by sitting, watching Netflix and not moving for the entire day.

But such a day needs pre-planning. You need to gather snacks, drinks, friends. An itinerary must be created, blankets must be washed and outfits must be planned for ultimate comfort.

Pick your show(s)


Stranger things 

Chances are you’ve already seen it (maybe several times by now) but we just can’t get enough of Dustin. So we’re rewatching both series as much as we can.

Gilmore Girls: a year in the life

It’s nearly been a year since the long awaited revival. Haven’t seen it yet? Why not?

Doctor Foster 

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Us too. So we’re going to catch up.

The Martian

What’s better than a Matt Damon filled, sci-fi thriller based on Mars? Nothing! That’s what!!

What to wear

Keep it comfy. We’re talking onesies and christmas jim jams. Get yourself a new pair of fluffy socks and wrap yourself in a jumper that is far too big. Is it too early for Christmas onesies? No!


If you're inviting friends over, why not jazz up your place with festive cheer! Because if there's ever a time for novelty straws and an excessive amount of fairy lights, it's now.


Food and drink

We’re all about the good food pairings. Our range of cavas go great with a range of different dishes (both healthy and not-so).

Our ICE goes great with sweet things if you're so inclined. Or just drink it, it's great on it's own with ice and mint.

Our Cordon Negro goes great with Pasta dishes (think less mac 'n' cheese, more artisanal pesto) so cook up a carb fest! It's also a great excuse to try some new pesto recipes. Adding Avocado can make for a creamy sauce or why not switch out the pine nuts for walnuts for a more nutty flavour?

If you're marathoning, try our Cava Coffee Cocktail to help you stay awake.

Snacks are also a must. Mix up your popcorn by drizzling it in caramel sauce a la Joe and Seph.


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