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Freixenet Christmas Gifts

Christmas is fast approaching….but don’t panic we’ve got you covered for all your secret santa, stocking filler and general gift giving needs.

Let’s get started!


A Freixenet Tasting Set


Add the final touch to any stocking by overflowing it with these minis! This taster set is the perfect way to try our most popular wines and enjoy a ‘me size’ bottle of wine in the evening.

Freixenet tasting set £18.50


Limited Edition Gift Box set


Win Secret Santa and gift one of our Cordon wines in a beautiful giftbox. The best thing about it, is that they are both £11.66 which fits perfectly within the usual £10 - £15 spend limit of most secret santas.

Cordon Negro £11.66 

Cordon Rosado £11.66


Freixenet Mixed Case


And for the big finale…. If you really want to spoil someone this Christmas, get them this!

It’s the perfect selection of wine to get your loved one excited for the new year. They can try a new wine each day leading up to the new year, or even throw a Freixenet themed party – hopefully you’ll get an invite.

Freixenet Mixed Case £51.03

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