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Meet the faces at #befreixenet - Alex Ardid

We interview model Alexander Ardid about his experience at Freixenet's 'Be Freixenet'.

Spanish model -  actually born in Barcelona- Alexander Ardid is the male face of our new campaign. Young, fresh, and very Mediterranean; Alexander shares his experience for Freixenet.

What does 'Be Freixenet' mean for you?

It's a concept I found very chic in a kind of Mediterranean way. It's about enjoying life with responsability in a nice setting like Barcelona, for example.

How was the shooting in the middle of Barcelona's streets surrounded by intrigued people?

Honestly, I thought I couldn't get embarrased anymore, but I still can... I was feeling a bit anxious for all this people as they were expecting an amazing dance as we were in Las Ramblas - one of the main streets in Barcelona - but I've been always quite clumsy and not a good dancer at all!  I'm sure that my dancing skills disn't surpirse them but yes the quality and fun side of the shoot.

Do you have any anecdote from the shooting?

Well, the police ended up coming as we were attracting too much attention on the street!

What is what makes Barcelona special for the campaign?

Just its extreme beauty.

How do you translate the 'Be Freixenet' spirit to your everyday life?

I try to make the most of the good moments in life, for little they seem.

What is the most crazy or spontaneous thing you have ever done?

Apart from dancing and kissing in the middle of the street for this campaign, I believe that the most crazy and impulsive thing I've ever done was marrying my girlfriend from Salvador de Bahia in a little catalan village called VallRomanes when we just had meet just some weeks before.

How and when would you enjoy a glass of Freixenet Cordon Negro?

With my family and friends, in the beach...

Image: Alex Ardid Instagram

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