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Freixenet at Las Iguanas

The summer season might be officially over, but there is still space and occasions for some sunshine with Las Iguanas, where eveyday seems to be sunny in their tropical and colourful latin infused venues.

In case you didn't know it, you can enjoy Freixenet in their branches nationwide so, wherever you are, a piece of sunshine can be now in your hands. From our classic black bottle of Cordon negro to the new Freixenet ICE or the juicy pink Cordon Rosado, enjoy our spraklers and pair them with colourful tacos or scrumpitious fajitas.

If you are more of a cocktail person, you'll like the new additions to their dinks menu: Guava Cava, a tipple combining Freixenet Cordon negro with guava puree; or Cava Royale, with cachaça,

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