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How To: Reuse Your Freixenet Prosecco Bottle

This summer, we introduced our new Freixenet prosecco to the world. Now that you've had a chance to taste if for yourself, there's one question that remains. What do we do with that lovely bottle? It is too pretty to throw away...

1. Vase

At Freixenet, every season is flower season. So why not treat yourself to a bunch as well as a bottle of Freixenet prosecco this weekend? Once you’re done, use the bottle as a vase for your blooms?


2. Candlestick holder

We’re all about the dinner party decor, so why not try reusing a bottle (or two) as candlestick holders and create some mood lighting? It would also help to add a little 'Hygge' to the situation...


3. Candle

If you know how to handle some glass cutters, you could also try your hand at candle making. Fill out bottle with festive scented wax. Apple and cinnamon scents would help you get in the spirit for Autumn. Or perhaps of citrus, grapfruit and flowers to reflect the notes of the prosecco itself.


4. Fairy lights

If candles aren't your thing (why not?) try adding some fairy lights to your bottle. The striking cut-glass bottle was made for emphasising light. Well... it was made for prosecco. But it can serve two purposes.




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