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How to prepare for Prosecco'clock

It’s always Prosecco’clock somewhere, but we know that September is one of the busiest months for birthdays. So, here’s a few reasons why we think you should toast your Virgo gal-pals this month with a bottle of our Prosecco…

1. It tastes great with birthday cake and sweet treats

With its sweet, fruity taste, our Prosecco really does pop! with sugary treats. Whether it’s an ambitious three-tier rainbow cake or a selection of delicious donuts, this sparkling sensation is the perfect taste-match.

Our Prosecco has fresh aromas of citrus, apple and flowers, so you can experience tones of ripe lemon, green apple and grapefruit.


2. It’s the perfect gift!

The striking-cut glass design truly enhances the look of our Prosecco, making for a rather impressive birthday gift that’ll always go down a treat! And if you’re lucky, your friends will pop it open with you there to enjoy it with them!

Millennials in Britain consumer a huge third of all the Prosecco produced. That’s a lot of poppin’ bottles!


3. It elevates your table setting

With bubbles rising, this stunning Prosecco bottle will no-doubt impress your party guests and elevate your table setting, especially teamed with gold streamers, glitter and balloons!

Your empty Freixenet Prosecco bottles can be re-used! Fill it with fairy lights or light a long candle inside the neck of the bottle to improve your indoor setting.


4. There’s endless excuses to drink Prosecco

How many of you still have a bottle of Champagne gathering dust on a lonely shelf? We know the one.

Well guess what? Prosecco is now more popular than Champagne! Too many of us wait for the right moment to open a bottle of bubbly. We’re here to say why wait? It’s time to celebrate the little moments, not just the big ones. Celebrate being together in the here and now!

Freixenet Prosecco is made from the finest Glera grapes in Italy’s Prosecco region: Veneto…


5. It’s a charming cocktail ingredient!

Prosecco is the perfect fizz for adding some sparkle to those celebratory cocktails. We bet you haven’t tried Limoncello Prosecco with thyme & blueberries, so you can thank us later…

Full recipe here:
Full list of where to buy our Prosecco here:

Prosecco is best-served cold in a slender sparkling wine glass. A tulip-shaped glass will preserve bubbles and bring out the fruity aromas.



Enjoy and make sure you share images of your cocktails using #FeelingFreixenet and please don’t forget to drink responsibly!

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